You might feel overwhelmed with the business and/or insecure about how to take your performance career  further.
The PEP tools will help you focus and make mindful decisions to help you advance. 

PERFORMANCE EMPOWERING will help you build mental toughness to not just survive but to succeed in the business.
At PEP workshops you'll learn the pillars of success, get outside the box, leave your comfort-zone and discover your power within.
You'll emerge as a transformed person, confident, focused, balanced and be more effective,
to maximize your success 

Strengths orientation, rather than fixing weaknesses, which will lead you to improvement and success

Wilma Wever

Performance EmPowering (PEP)

Watch PEP in Action!

"Through Wilma Wever's Performance EmPowering Workshop, I not only discovered new tools to fortify a positive psychological approach to the pressures of auditioning, but I was reminded of the skills that I had and was shown how to use them to my full advantage."

​Eve Gigliotti, Metropolitan Opera

Understand the Mind-Body interaction for achieving your Highest Productivity

Check out:   The Social Justice Music Factory:

www.thesocialjusticemusicfactory. com

* To inspire artists and audiences to social justice through collaboration of vocal and visual arts

* To offer a platform for composers, writers, vocal and visual artists to express their opinions through art and building a bridge of consciousness of the increasing intolerance in our current society

* To transform current and historical devastating events into art in order to empower audiences to demand social justice